Ragin Cajuns: The Real Deal

Posted: 11/11/2011 in Sports
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The Cajuns Are the Real Deal


I gotta say coach Hudspeth is doing some good things for the football team this year.  The Cajuns are Bowl eligible and are playing for the SunBelt Championship this saturday. 

Last week was a bit shaky, they had a really close one against ULM.  I feel ashamed to say I left before the game was over.  As big a football fan I am I never do that.  But the one time I do something really big happens.  In case you don’t know the Cajuns were down to ULM and backed up on their own goal-line. The starting QB Gautier went down and Mason came in. An interception was thown.  And a few plays later ULM punched it in, adding salt to the wound.  It appeared that their wasn’t much hope as ULM was two scores ahead. But the Cajuns never gave up.  They came back with a touchdown, recovered an onside kick, and another touchdown, showing ULM how true champions play to win the game 36-35 great game, one of the best, and here I am almost a week later kicking myself for missing the best part, all I can do is watch clips from youtube about it.  Well anyway they looking to get into a bowl game and it looks as they can get into the New Orleans Bowl. Its my senior year at UL capping off the season with seeing the Cajuns in a bowl game would be awesome, so you know Ima be their, just hope the cost of the tickets don’t burn too much of a hole in my wallet. Anyway if you missed the end of the game like me I found this video on youtube that shows the highlights of the game.


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