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Another Allegation against Cain

Man whats up with all these allegations against Herman Cain.  It is pretty easy to accuse someone of falsly doing something but now it’s getting to be too much.  Now he is admitting to knowing one lady.  But he says how he was helping her with money through economically hard times. I don’t know what to believe, after all you can’t always trust the media, not to mention people just looking for attention.  But with all of these people  coming out making these allegations, its starting to look like Cain put himself in some pretty bad situations. He said as long as his wife is behind him he will continue to stay in the race.  Me I really don’t care who he’s with or had been with as long as he can do the job. 

Here’s a link to the article I read earlier on Huffington Post.



I was reading a post on HuffPost about this lady that was stuck at an airport for 8 days over a 60 dollar baggage fee.  Really is this what the world has come to?  What had happened was she ordered tickets off of orbitz, she paid the ticket fees but what caught her was the hidden fees at the airport.  Because she didn’t have but 30 bucks she had nowhere to go. 

Now you think the airline could’ve made an exception in this case.  I mean she had 30 bucks they could have given her some of her luggage and sent her on her way.  But no they made her miss her flight.  She sought out the help of a local church to help cover her costs.  That’s ashame I know the profit margin in the airline industry is small but come on one person won’t make or break an airline. Now they say they are sorry but they cant refund the money because she bought a non refundable ticket, c’mon that just makes me sick. 

Since when are customers at the mercy of business.

Baby Stolen

Posted: 10/11/2011 in Articles I read
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So this baby went missing early one morning last week.  Nobody in the house heard any noises but when the father got home early like 2 or 4 in the morning the baby was gone.  I read their was evidence of tampering at the window but police have yet to find any clues anywhere outside or inside what do you think