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Jack and JIll

I havn’t been going to the movies too much lately, but this past Saturday I decided to check one out.  I went see Jack and Jill, where  Adam Sandler plays two roles one male one female Jack and Jill.  I have to say it was some good acting, the characters he played were twins, I kept forgetting he was in both roles.  The sister (Jill) in the movie was known to be a real pain in the ass and the brother (Jack) was this film producer who made a living making commercials in LA.  Well Jack was faced with a challenge as his biggest customer was threatening to take their buisness elseware unless he could get Al Pacino to do a commercial for their company Dunkin Doughnuts.  Well then Jill comes in from New York for the holidays and trust me their are plenty of ha ha moments.  But their were some pretty touchy moments were the characters showed some true emotion, and these were the parts that really impressed me, for Adam Sandler to be able to produce those types of feelings from a female perspective it was really good.  Of course I’m not going to go into specific detail about everything, I would hate to spoil anything for anyone planning on watching it in the future.

Oh and if you were wondering of course you see the other actors you normally see in Adam Sandler movies throughout the course of the movie, making for even more laughs.