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Saints Vs. Lions on Sunday Night Dec 4

Well this past week the Saints had off. Next week they face Eli Manning and the NY Giants on espn for Monday Night Football (By the way I think it’s bull they took off Hank) anyway, I found out today in the paper the game after was rescheduled.   You know how the NFL has that flex scheduling after week ten where they could move games around that they think will be better for the primetime spotlight.  Well evidently the NFL and NBC figured the Colts vs the Patriots wouldn’t be fit for Sunday Night, so they replaced it with the Saints and Lions.  Well its pretty exciting to me and I sure am glad I read the article becuase I had two tickets to the game set at noon.  Well looks like I don’t have to leave my house for New Orleans as early then.  It is sort of a bummer that the next day I have work at 7:15 in the morning and two finals in the afternoon.  So I did what any responsible college student would do. Yep that’s right I’ll get home at about one o clock in the morning, get a few hours of sleep, get through a few hours of work, and wing the crap out of them tests.  Now my fiancee on the other hand actually decided not to go, but I see her point she has to drive an hour in a half to her final at 9 in the morning, she said “I’d like to get to school alive” can’t argue with that.  But sorry everyone I found someone to go with me.




Its all over but the crying in NO

Well watching the Saints drop any game really sucks.  The only thing that could make it worse is if the loss comes to a team that appears to be one of the worst in the NFL. Wait… that is exactly what happened today.  I was doing some homework as the game started when i looked up I noticed the Rams were up.  I thought oh its just taking a while for the saints to get started.  then halftime came I thought well maybe some adjustments are just needed. Then at some point in the 4th i realized, man the saints are really bout to loose to the rams and sure enough.  I gotta say the Rams did things you see a good team do.  Getting and capitalizing off of turnovers, to adding salt to the wound at the end with that pick 6. Well good news for Indianapolis maybe they can get the first pick. So yea my hats off to the Rams they did okay.

Which way will the ball bounce for you?

Well I’m sure we are all familiar with the overtime rules among the different levels of football, but if your not here’s a quick look.  In college basically both teams start on the same yardline in the opponents territoy and has a chance to score. Once the team scores or turns the ball over the opposing team then has a chance to tie or beat the score. If the team fails the original team wins if they beat the score they win if they tie the process repeats. Well in the NFL it is sudden death the first team to score wins period. Which brings many to say that often the rule isnt fair. 

In college the overtime period keeps going until one side wins, allowing the process to be fairly long.  It gives both sides an equal chance to score, so many say this is much more fair then sudden death.  But what is fair? I mean dosen’t both teams have that chance in the original 4 quaters in regulation to win.  Afterall coaches put together gameplans to win not to tie.  So that makes me pose the question is it really fair or just too forgiving. 

And also Overtime wasn’t ment to be “fair” it is ment to be a tie breaker, wich makes it neutral, so why should one argue that it be fair to both teams all the time

On the otherhand in the NFL where the first team to score wins: this seems to be the opposite of the extreme.  A team can win simply by winning the coin toss and running back the kick off, and the other team has no chance. And with the offenses of today teams can easily get into field goal range and kick a game winning field goal making orchestrating a succesfull defensive stand almost impossible. So the game can often come down to who wins a coin toss. But like I said earlier both teams had ample chance during regulation.  But the winner shouldn’t be determined by chance

So what is the best way to carry out overtime?  Give both teams equal chance to score? they had that chance all game long. or Sudden Death? which seems a little extreme. 

I think a combination of the two would probably be best.

Start with a coin toss. Have the teams kick off, that way field position is determined just like normal. So instead of starting in the opposing team’s territory they would have to drive the field.  Have first downs just like normal. When one team scores they kick off to the other team and the process is repeated.  And if the overtime goes into too many periods like 3 for example then instill sudden death (next team to score wins) but determine possesion by another coin toss

Idk what would be best what you think

Random Video

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When I was looking for that awesome picture I found some cool videos I had.  You know when just forget they their then one day you see them again.  Well I tried putting a video up I took at a Saints game but I’m not about to pay 50 or 60 bucks for the upgrade. Sorry.

I gotta find another way to put it up anyone know a way?

New Pic

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New Pic.

New Pic

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Just added a new picture.  I was goofing around with the web camera on my computer one day and I found some graphics to put in to the pictures. Thought I’d spice it up a bit.

Hello world!

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Watsup whoever is reading this the saints game is on right now so i’m not gonna write too much just yet but its nice to get started