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Whats up with the Cowboys

Posted: 10/30/2011 in Sports
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I guess everyone has that one team they can’t stand and for me that team is the “beloved Dallas Cowboys”. I just don’t buy the hype. When Tony Romo came around all anyone said was how great he is and all the things he can do whatever. Man I didn’t see nothing impressive yet from him. When I think of Romo I think of average (maybe) when he is playing. Or I hear about how he’s dating some supermodel and some believe her presence at the game makes him play bad. You ever thought that maybe he just not as good as everyone says? And then you got Jerry Jones, with all the money he has and puts into his team they just can’t seem to put a good season together. Just goes to show you you cant fill a team up with stars and just fgure they will automatically win. Tell you what give me a bunch of players that will listen and get on board with a common goal and i’ll take that over a bunch of pre-modonnas anyday.