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Well today a pep rally was held at the Cajuns practice facility. Everyone pretty much assumed which Bowl game they would get invited to but the official invitation finally came at the practice facility today at 5:30.    The Cajuns at 6-2 in conference play and 8-3 overall have accepted the invite. December 17  kickoff set at 8 pm.  They will be playing a representative from the Conference USA, that has yet to be decided.  I couldn’t go to the pep rally cause I had class but I plan on getting some tickets. This will be the first appereance in 41 years for the School the last one in the Grantland Rice Bowl where they lost 25-26 to Tennessee State in Baton Rouge in 1970.  It really is cool to be able to witness this as a current student, espescially being it’s my senior year.  Go Cajuns!!!!!